About Hooded Towels

Hooded Towels
For Staying Warm

One of the main benefits of a hooded towel is to keep you warm. A dip in the pool or a splash in the ocean can leave you feeling the cold. A hooded towel will keep the chill away until you have a chance to change.

Hooded Towels
For Drying Off

Main from 100% Cotton Towelling with drying terry loops, hooded towels are the ideal garment to dry your off. Many of our hooded towels are actually cut from beach towels and bath towels. So they dry just as well as your towels at home!

Hooded Towels
To Cover Up

Covering up and keeping your skin out of the sun is beneficial in more ways than one. Hooded Towels are designed with style and comfort in mind, so you can be sure to look good at the beach while protecting your skin.

Kids Beach Robes
Kids Hooded Robe Towels
The perfect hooded towelling robe for the little ones. Available in a range of colours and sizes.  Hooded Towelling Robes are made from 100% Cotton. Beautiful quality garments.
Womens Luxe Robes
Hooded Luxe Beach Towelling Robe for Women
The ultimate Luxe Towelling Beach Robe for Women made from extra thick and plush combed cotton towelling. This robe is so luxurious you will not want to take it off. Ever!
Mens Hooded Ponchos
Surf Poncho with Hood
A very practical changing surf  poncho for the family who loves to surf. Available for men, women and kids. Made with extra room to allow for changing underneath. Made in Australia from 100% towelling.
Terry Towelling Cover Ups
Womens Terry Cover Up
Stretch terry towelling cover up for women. A comfy, cosy oversized top which allows for a quick and easy cover up after swimming. Available for Women and Children.